Our Time is Right Now…

School started today. For many it’s a fun day of reuniting with old friends and creating new ones. For some it’s dreadful… books and reports and classes. For all, it’s a new beginning. September always ushered in a new year… for me it was even more meaningful than New Year’s Day. It was the start of a new “Season” of learning, of a new cycle… a new beginning. For so many new beginnings are tough, uncomfortable, and scary. They cause you to get outside your comfort zone, even for a moment. They push you. Thank GOD for that.

How many to-do lists have you written… and how many have been completed? Do you set goals? And while I hope you do, ANYONE can write down a goal. Not anyone can finish them. And I might make some of you uncomfortable with this one… squirm in your seat a little while you are reading it. But what good am I if I don’t do MY job? If I don’t push your to do yours??

Uncomfortable yet? Good… I hope so. Because we are about to get to work. What is ONE goal you have had for yourself that you haven’t taken action to accomplish? Or maybe you STARTED it but didn’t ever see it through? And one excuse after another piled up like last week’s dirty laundry you didn’t get to either… Yeah? Sound familiar? It’s ok… it’s familiar to me too. That’s why I can write about it.

SO…. let’s move that goal along. TODAY. See, one thing I have learned deeply is that you CANNOT wait until tomorrow. All we can be sure of is RIGHT NOW. That’s all we have and can control. So, why wait? Why push something off to tomorrow’s list when tomorrow has it’s own stuff on it? Why not just get up, right now, and go take ONE STEP towards that goal? Is it getting healthy again? How about a 15 minute walk ….. RIGHT NOW? (How quickly is your mind reaching for excuses at this moment) Is it cleaning out a closet? How about a 15 minute reorganization session where you at least START it? Is it making more time for loved ones? How about picking up the phone to call a relative for 15 minutes, or walking in the next room and spending that time with your son or daughter, or spouse after a long day when you would normally be at the computer or the TV.

What’s wrong with RIGHT NOW? Really? What can you do in these 15 minutes that could take you one step closer to that goal? HOw about at least even write one down??

I spent my fifteen minutes today researching classes to go back to school. WHY? Because I am tired of waiting for a “good time” to do it. EVERY DAY we have here breathing and with the ability to make a difference is a GOOD TIME. So stop putting it off for a better time. Realize that the words “When I have the money,” When I lose weight,” and “When I have time” will never magically appear on the calendar.
Just take a step… ANY step. It will make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

And if you need courage…. or you need belief… Borrow some of mine. I found it again.

OUR time is right now. It’s all we have.

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