For Love of the Game…

How many times a day do you laugh? Like REALLY laugh? I bet you would be surprised… it may be a lot more than you think. OR, maybe it’s not enough. It occured to me today how much I LOVE to laugh. It’s not something I think about, I just do it. And I do a LOT of it. See, I made a choice a while ago to LOVE what I do every day. Why would I do anything other than that? Why would YOU? We ALL deserve more than settling for mediocrity. Some times we need to check ourselves in the mirror and make a decision. If we don’t do it with LOVE, why are we doing it? I wonder sometimes if we think we don’t deserve that kind of happiness. Some people go through life miserable. I don’t understand why. It’s always a choice.
I LOVE college sports for this reason. GOOD athletes who don’t get paid pro level money yet. They do it because they LOVE the game. Of course there are pro athletes who LOVE the game too, but it can get cloudy when there are millions of reasons why.
Have you ever just woken up and KNEW it would be a great day? You have so many more reasons to feel that way than you do to feel the opposite. I LOVE waking up and taking a breath. It means I have been blessd with another day to do what I LOVE.
Some people ask me if I ever am in a bad mood. I laugh. I AM human. So yes, of course I have my share of “bad” days… But the one thing that is important to me is to always put it in perspective. I don’t want to waste my time here wrapped in negativity.
Life is too short for that.
I have had the fortune of working with some amazing young athletes. Some days they absolutely blow my mind. The ones that sit in the chairs in my office and want to be better players from the neck up to the athletes that sweat in our SP center, to the athletes that leave everything they have on the field in order to make the college softball team… they are doing the work. They are putting in the time, the heart, and sometimes the physical blood, sweat and tears it takes to make it. There is no reason other than they are doing it For LOVE of the game. They have chosen this. It runs deep inside their veins. They need it.
So, what do YOU bleed for? What is your passion, your mission, your WHY? What is that fire in your gut? What drives you? What keeps you up night because you can’t stop thinking about it?
Because it’s amazing when your WHY is strong enough, the HOW doesn’t seem to matter.
If it’s something that causes you to LOVE what you do, then you are on the right track.
Next time you question why you are doing something make sure you can say it’s for LOVE of the game!
But you have got to LOVE it. Giving anything less just isn’t good enough.

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