Play Like Today’s Your Last…

If you know anything about me, you know I LOVE baseball. Most especially… October baseball. I love the feeling it brings. Passion, heart, leaving it all on the field every game… It’s do or die…
And yes, if you know me at all, you also know I am a die-hard Yankees fan. Raised just 10 minutes outside of NYC, I lived and breathed it.  So you know this season is exciting for me.  I love what the feeling of competition brings to my gut. It’s that fiery, excitement that you can’t get any other way. I was watching the game the other night and heard an interesting stat. The Yankees have had the most come from behind wins this year, followed by the phillies, Angels and Dodgers. Funny…. Those were the four teams playing for the Championship in each division. Do you think that’s a coincidence?? I sat and thought about that for a bit and realized how important a stat that just may be.

Resilience, determination, fight. Where are they in your life? Do you live by them, or do you watch others live by them?
We have no control sometimes when our last “game” may be.  And we need to make sure we don’t take it for granted. Some days you need to fight harder than others. And somedays you are the only one on the field… But either way, those are the days you decide that it won’t end like that. And you, in the midst of all your flaws and inadequacies, stand up and choose to be brilliant. You play like today’s your last. You don’t hold back or give in. You give everything you have until the final out. You come from behind. You go over, around and through. But you don’t give up. Pride still matters. Wanting it more than anyone else is a choice. And sometimes, you will come up short. Some times, such as tonight, you are 90 feet away from tying the game and you just can’t get the run in.  There are missed opportunities, missed chances. And it’s ok for that to be painful.  But when you play every game like it could be your last, when you do everything in life with pride, passion and determination, you end up doing it better.

It’s “Go big or go home”  time in your life today. What have you done that you want to do better? What’s on your agenda today that if you just did it with everything you had, and you did it like it was the last time, you would do it better than ever?  Find that desire… and play like today’s your last… because you don’t always get a second chance to do it right.

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