And then, there was one.

I woke up on the couch, supposed to be writing a big paper for my class. But something woke me up with this thought in my head. It forced me to write. I have no idea where it came from or why I was thinking it, but here it is. People often ask where my ideas for my blogs come from, what my blog schedule is, and I always respond the same… Random. I write when I am moved to write. I don’t think it’s me writing most of the time, it’s something that speaks through me. I am just the messenger.

I spent a lot of time this past week in my house. I was sick and snowed in. Got a lot of work done, a lot of sleep caught up on, and a lot of time with my dogs. I read, watched TV, slept and was able to eat very little for most of the week. I spent a lot of time alone, thinking, reading, planning. I like those opportunities sometimes, I feel I get a handle on it all again. Life gets so hectic, we often forget to do that. We need to take time to just breathe. I feel better now. I feel clear and ready to take the next step. Wherever and whatever that is.

One of the things I have been reading on and off is the Tao. I have spent some time learning, undertsanding and reflecting on how living connected to the Source, whatever your Source is, can be a very enlightening process. I have always been a spiritual person, I believe in God, I believe in the goodness of people to the core. I was raised in a rectory five houses down from the church that my dad was the rector of. Yes, I was and am a preacher’s kid. When my dad was elected Bishop, little changed. We were not forced to go to church once we were old enough to make our own decisions. For the most part, I enjoyed it. I felt connected.

I think a lot about our connectedness. How everyone is connected to something. We all live on this planet together. We all are connected to the Source, regardless what or who we call it. There is an energy about giving back that moves us to always look for opportunities. I am always looking.

On Wednesday, when we got hit with all of that snow, both Laura and I were sick and had no clue how we were going to shovel the driveway. I could barely stand up for more than a minute, let alone lift a foot and a half of heavy snow. A friend came and started to shovel for us. After he had to leave for a little bit, I looked out the window and there were two of our neighbors, one with a shovel and one with a snowblower, not at all asked, just showed up and started to dig out the rest of the driveway. Just because. They didn’t know we were sick, they just saw the snow still blocked the garage, so they did it.
I spent today making gift baskets and delivering to them to say thank you. It meant a lot. It may not have been a big deal to them, but it was to us.

When I see and feel that connectedness, I feel like we are one. We share the same world. And, at the end of the day, the solitude we all have is also one of the biggest things we share. We are one. Alone, and together. And that bridge between us is something I honor and respect.

Let it be for you today, that maybe one little thing, one word or act will connect with someone too.

Because even when we feel we are just one, we are all one together.

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