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I love what I do

Tonight is my last night of summer. However, I don’t really know what that means as most of my life is the same, it just comes in circles. Coaching, teaching, speaking, writing… it goes on and on. Regardless of what I am doing, I am blessed to cross paths with some amazing individuals.

I spoke to a group of 200+ RA’s at West Chester University last week and felt good about what I left them. I talked about finding the best of us and giving it always, regardless of what it is we are doing. We have choices to make. We give. We take. We carry on.

I really felt like they gave me more than I could ever possibly give them. The energy was beautiful. When I walk away feeling like I gave everything I had to give…. I realize in that moment, I am very blessed. I love what I do.

I took my dad to the Phillies game last night for his birthday. On the drive home, we talked about his life growing up. Not that we never did that before, but for some reason I got to know my dad more than I think I ever have. I appreciated that. I appreciated spending that time with him and learning new things. He has been one of my biggest supporters, always telling me to believe in myself, even when it’s been hard to. He helped fuel my passion for life. He is a servant in every aspect of the word. I just want to give half of what he has in his lifetime. I applaud his heart and his love of humanity. I want to be like him.

I recived a phone call the other day from someone who wanted to thank me for the summer camp I ran. She thanked me for what I gave to the girls, for my passion and love for what I do. I thanked her humbly and felt good that it’s easy to see. I told her that it’s hard to call what I do “work.”
When we hung up, I thought about that. I realize how blessed and lucky I am to feel that way. I get out of bed each day ready to explore the newness of things. I have heard so many people wish away 5 days just to have 2. And I realize how much of that is perspective. There is always something to love, even in a thing we hate.

I yearn to always find it. In every breath, life gives us reason to love. Some say the opposite of love is hate. I believe strongly that this is untrue. I believe the opposite of love is apathy. There are times to be void of emotion. Yet, there are times to allow the soul to breathe and to expand and to be still in the beauty of life… regardless of what we are doing or with whom or where. We get to choose the feelings.

So I invite you in this moment to take a big soul breath. Breathe in love, exhale apathy. Say goodbye to the lack of feeling.
When you make choices to follow your why… it’s easy to love what you do.

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