All I know is this…

The chipper waitress in the diner. The giddy 8-year-old at camp. The Santa Claus at the counter. The woman dancing in the street for the charity car wash.
All I know is this… The choices we make everyday will define us.
In every moment, in every way.
I ask to be taught everyday. I want to be a student always.
Some days, the universe keeps me in check. Other days, I think I have some kind of pull.
What life handed me this past week was a whole lot of awareness.
So what if we could be what we wanted, even after the heartache of loss or the burdens of love’s responsibility.
What if we chose to laugh in those moments instead of fold up like an origami swan waiting to be noticed…
What if?
Because that waitress is a single mom.
The 8 year old comes from a broken home.
Santa Claus is a widower.
And the woman raising money for charity was once homeless.
All I know is this…
We don’t have to be miserable because life is hard.
Through the stumbling, we can balance ourselves anyway.
We stand one foot because we can.
We choose to put the other one down and feel it’s easier.
But then something magical happens…
We are taught by the most unlikely teacher who happened to be a student.
All I know is this…
My gift is choice.
I will give and receive.
It’s all I know.

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