The birth of a possibility.

When change comes calling…I listen. I listen well. I know when it’s time to do something different. Between December 31,2012 and January 31, 2013… I bought a new car, moved to a new place and started a few new projects with new clients.
When it feels right, I just go with it. And now…It all feels more than right.
Movement takes away stagnant air. That’s why we use fans in the summer time. Sometimes, we just have to move…literally and figuratively.

Things can become scary. The newness brings a fear of the unknown. But it also can be the catalyst of possibility.
I remember so often Dad would use that word in his sermons, talking about the “birth of a possibility.”
I feel right now that the birth is taking place inside of me.
That this isn’t just change for change’s sake. It’s not just a move or a new car. It was a shedding of the old me. It was the possibility of a new and improved situation.
I am not going to tell you there aren’t moments of fear and trepidation. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t feel that in the process. But in this moment, there is so much possibility.

Today, I am standing on a rock. A more solid rock than I have known in a long while. It has nothing to do with any kind of outside sources. It has everything to do with my open hands, and mind and heart and soul.
It has everything to do with my desire to change and grow and deepen my connections with the world.
What is this life if that doesn’t continue to be what we strive for?

I don’t want to chase things… money, people, things etc. I don’t want to ever chase. I want to take a leisurely walk with a clear mind and a loving heart and allow the beauty to appear before me.
When it is right… when it feels like the universe has chosen me.
I want to choose it back.
And in this moment… the birth of a possibility is upon us.
All of us.
And As you watch it grow through the cracks, you, like me, will stare in amazement.
Welcome it with passion and wild abandon.
Welcome it with excitement and love.
Whatever you do, just welcome it.
It’s all possible.

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