Celebrating the life we breathe.

We find ways to celebrate big things. Events. Birthdays. Graduations. Weddings. First grade. First tooth. First car. The love we finally got right.
And then the tooth falls out, the car is traded in and after a while the birthdays don’t matter as much. We desire more. We make the times in between the big things seem less than if we aren’t baking a cake to make wishes on.
We roll down the window on the first beautiful day and we shout at the tops of our lungs… Just to find our voice again. We listen intently to the reverb on the brick wall of the school where we just left our kids.
And we breathe.
Sometimes deeper than others. But we breathe like it’s all we have.
Because the truth is, when all else falls silent and it’s 9:16 on a random Tuesday morning in September, and the sun is beating through your window like it has something to tell you, the breath you find trapped in your chest is all that keeps you together.
So many times you have lived this moment. And the next one after that calls to you like the one before it.
The pull is strong. And you allow it to change what you feel because it can.
And because you let go of the strings so you no longer have control.
Because you don’t need control to breathe. We just do it.
In. Out. It’s not a debate which happens next.
You let go of wishing for the next big thing to celebrate and you realize that today, in this moment, this breath is the only one worth breathing.
So celebrate on oh party animal… The birthdays, the first tooth and the new car… but don’t get so lost in yearning for that one that this breath goes unnoticed.
There is beauty in the silence of little things.
And often, in those quiet moments, things of beauty are born.
We create, we inspire and conjure up wild dreams and deep soulful meanings… all In
We live in the now and we celebrate the now, because the “then” is something we made up a long time ago.
The milestones are just that… a time to make wishes on cakes.
Because when we wait for it, the one we were yearning for…
it will elude even the wisest of time keepers.
And keep us breathless like an out of shape marathoner.
And we wouldn’t want that….
Would we?

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