The Warmth of the Sun

I almost didn’t recognize it… that hot ball of brightness in the sky. It’s been so long. And maybe that is a metaphor.
And maybe it’s not.
It’s been a long, cold, damp winter. And unless you are an Olympic Skier, I think we all are begging for spring.
I walked down the sidewalk today and felt that feeling. The one that says spring is following me, that the sun is actually spilling out on my hair. The one that embraces that feeling of warmth. The one that wraps me up in its arms and invites me in. Without coaxing or begging. I go.
This winter was not without challenges. And winter in and of itself is the ending of many life cycles… and that brings the feelings of loss, most deeply affecting my soul of course, my very own mom…whom I have graced my keyboard with stories about for years. So often, my muse and my inspiration. And she’s now gone. This long rough winter will forever by my reminder.
So the warmth today was more than welcome. I was ready to shake off the chill that I seemed to have been carrying for so long.
And as we embrace this feeling, we welcome our own rebirth. A kind of desire for all that is new.
The birds, the fountains, the sounds of voices, familiar footsteps gracing the sidewalks…. It’s my favorite time of year. When cocoons are broken open and we all find our way back out of the hibernation we were in for months.
There is something beautiful about rejoining all that is alive. When the long winter months have given up their desire to be in control, we get to embrace life.
And it feels good.
So let’s welcome the butterfly as its new life awaits.
And maybe we can emulate its beauty when we are finally ready to stretch out of our cocoons toward the warmth of the sun.
Welcome spring.
Pull up and chair and stay a while…
We have been waiting for you.

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