Maybe We Should Just Celebrate

I am writing this on a Monday. For many, today is the most loathed day of the week. But for me, today is a day of celebration. I was tempted to tell you that besides my good friend’s birthday, it’s nothing special. But that made me pause. I realize I almost fell into the trap.

And then the waves of feeling like we are all precious human beings on this earth that should really revel in each moment we have air to breathe came over me. So I will allow that sentiment for a moment… we get one chance. We are here now, to perhaps make small differences or maybe change the course of history. No one can really know until it happens. We don’t often choose which we are or what we do to bring real change unless we set out to do so.

What if today was the day?


That day so many despise. I know for sure amazing things have happened on Mondays. Perhaps the birth of your first born, or your new job offer, or the day you bought the winning ticket.

But what if it’s just the fact that today is another day we have to give and love and share and live our lives fully? Isn’t that enough?

What if today was the day?

We Get One Chance

This past weekend, I had the good fortune of speaking to the NJ Special Olympics athletes at their yearly event, Athlete University. They would all soon be graduating and some going on to participate at the Olympic games coming up this year. I watched them listen and smile, and agree and raise their hands to participate. I watched the love in their eyes for their sports and their accomplishments, some graduating from community college and some getting new jobs. I was in awe of their excitement for life. Despite any challenges they may have, they all embrace life for the daily expression of love they allow the world to know. I saw it. I know it’s true.

jlc_img_nj special olympics_5.2015

I left with a sincere and deep gratitude for meeting each of the beautiful souls I met Saturday. And I won’t soon forget what they taught me.

Maybe we should just celebrate… each day like it’s our last. Every moment like it’s our first. Maybe instead of feeling negative or hurt or angry that things haven’t gone our way today, perhaps we should just…celebrate.

[Tweet “In the midst of despair, when we bring love we often have different outcomes.”] In the face of hardship, when we bring courage, we realize that life is ours of which to take hold. In the throes of anger, when we bring compassion, we understand how loving we can be.

And yes, we may only be one person, but we may be the most important one in that moment.

Give Life to Your Happy

jlc_img_celebrate rachel platoon fight song good morning america_5.2015

Team CMMD took a trip to GMA last week to be there for the TV debut of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song. Being a part of that was wonderful. I celebrate the work that the foundation has done and the excitement to run more miles and save more lives and find ways to give those who battle cancer more birthdays. And while Fight Song has become our anthem of sorts as a cancer-fighting running team, it is makes me think of all of those out there who are silently fighting other demons… homelessness, shame, hurt, envy, bankruptcy, oppression, abuse, no food or job and no one to save them from drowning…Those too afraid to live authentically, those who are scared to leave, those who are scared to show up.

When we see or live that, it’s hard to really find a reason to celebrate in the midst of so much chaos… or is it?

What if we just brought a pure love of life in the middle of our greatest hardships… are you strong enough to pull that part of your deepest desire to the surface?

I think the inevitable is that we will all go through hard times…. But those who don’t drown in them are those who find reasons to celebrate the very air they breathe. When we don’t allow the pain to drown us, when we keep our goodness, even if it’s small, at the surface, just enough to breathe one breath…. We will be ok.

Through it all, maybe we should just celebrate.

Because whether it’s Monday, or your just got the news you didn’t want, there is cause to celebrate in the face of it. Happiness is lighter than sorrow any day.

Give life to your happy.

It will always rise above.

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