It’s so beautiful up here…

These last few weeks have had me in various airports, flying to various cities… one thing that I don’t really enjoy is flying. I am not afraid of heights, or anything like that… it’s more of a space issue. I am not a small person and fitting in those upright little squares of room is just not comfortable. So I don’t love to fly. I fly alone most of the time I do fly, and take my favorite magazines with me so I can catch up on them…Inc., Fast Company and Entrepreneur seem to be the three I subscribe to that I love to read cover to cover. And of course there is always a book or two in my bag when I am finished with those. As a music lover, I also always have my ipod on. I was on my way from Nashville to Orlando last week and was seated next to a mother and her six year old little boy, Oliver. He was adorable, as all kids that age tend to be. But one thing stood out to me… his eyes. He was nervous perhaps, but not scared. He looked like he had done this before. Mom took her spot at the window, Oliver in the middle seat. I always like the Aisle to stretch my legs. I had sat before them so once they got situated I refastened my seat belt and put my ipod back on. A few minutes later as we were getting ready to take off, I felt a small hand trying to find it’s spot on the armrest. I moved slightly and gave him room to share with me. He did. A few more minutes and we were in the air. It was an early (6am) flight, my favorite time to be in the air. Watching the sun rise with you is one of the most amazing things I have seen. As I took out my magazine and was about to put my ipod back on (yes, the captain just made the announcement that we could use all portable electronic devices….) I heard a husky little voice, in the most breathtaking of emotions… “It’s so beautiful up here.” Right then, I counted quickly…. Yep…. Five words. Those were my five words for that day. He affected me deeply and had no idea. His hand was resting on my arm… comfort perhaps, or just a place to rest his hand. And as he fell asleep with head nodding motions, his bobbing head even found my shoulder. His mother looked over and very apologetically was about to wake him up to move him…. I quickly mouthed to her, NO… he’s fine. We both smiled and went back to reading. One thing was true that flight…I thought more about the beauty in things than I had in a while. I needed that.
Yes, Oliver… It’s so beautiful up here.
It’s the Process not the outcome that matters. Enjoy the flight.

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