Be Brave. Let it Burn.

Be Brave. Let it Burn.

To the woman who is afraid of the fire,

Let it burn.

You will be so much better for finding your truth in the white hot flames, the smoldering ashes dropping one by one around your feet.

Only then will you truly know what it feels like to set fire to your soul and stand in the midst of the burning and watch it glow.

Will you?

Because the truth is this… we have come to the edge of all the light we know. Together. We have stood against the rising flames wearing nothing but our nakedness and our big, brave, messy, beautiful hearts.
We know one thing to be true.

We didn’t melt. We didn’t shrink away. We danced amidst the pain.

We embraced the validation of our very existence.
And when it gets hard out there… and it will… remember the eyes you looked into, the smiles you shared and the tears you held space for.

To the woman who cried. The woman who sat quietly in the room, too afraid to see herself.

Too afraid to speak.

Too afraid to get close to the fire. Just showing up was brave enough.

The woman who came just to support her friend and who left realizing she has so much more than she ever imagined.

The woman who realizes she has so much less than she thought she did when she walked in.

The woman who owned her authenticity for the first time.

The woman who realized she hasn’t been authentic at all.

The woman who just wants to be seen.

The woman who is battling depression.

The woman who wanted to end her life last month.

The woman who wants to be listened to, for the first time in her entire life.

The woman who found her voice. The woman who just realized she had lost it.

The woman who had nothing and became a doctor.
The woman who lost her child.
The woman who is on the brink of taking her last breath on this earth.

I see you.
I am you.

Because this much I know is true… we can take all the things we need to get rid of in our lives, and we can let them burn. We can burn them down. We can remove the ashes. We can move forward. And we can start all over again.

And in the same moment we can light the fire inside our hearts and souls and move in the direction of our truth. We can find, in all of that, our biggest, truest most beautiful lives.
And we can let that burn too.
The blazing hot craving we have for what it is we so deeply desire.

There is a burning to end the pain, to get rid of what isn’t serving us. And the burning to start again with a new passion we found in the ashes as we rise.
Both are true.

Both are needed to move beyond what’s true NOW.

Because when we become the most beautiful version of ourselves, we are always asking the universe for exactly what we want… OR something better.

And. Both.

This… or something better.

Burn it down and let it burn.

We write our own stories every day. We have been doing this our whole lives.

You weren’t taught how to walk. It was instinct.
You took a few steps and fell down, and you repeated this process over and over again until you mastered it. And you don’t even remember doing it.
This tells me one big truth… your ability to fall down and get back up is innate. You were born with that. You have been doing it since before you can remember.

But as we get older, we take a pillow and a cozy blanket and we stay for a while.

And it gets harder and harder to get back up each time.
“I’m fine here. It’s good enough.”
But the fact is, you own the pen. And you can rewrite that story anytime you want.

Maybe it’s time to let it burn. Burn it down and then… let it burn.

And. Both.
Just make sure you don’t stay down there in the ashes for too long…

I know for sure we can do hard things.
I witnessed it today.

To the Wolfpack…


I see you.

And because you see me, therefore I am.

With all the love I have in my heart, I implore you to grab each other’s hands and hold on tight.

It’s time.

Be Brave. Let it Burn.

“For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

-Rudyard Kipling

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