B.R.A.V.E. Human Leadership

8-Week Accelerator Course


When Experience Matters

As one of your facilitators, Jen Croneberger is a widely sought-after 4-time TEDx speaker and compassionate leadership/culture change consultant and is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of JLynne Consulting Group, LLC and The HUMAN Leadership Institute.

Most of her last 20 years have been spent instilling confidence and building deeper connections and awareness.

Her Master’s Degree is in Sports and Performance Psychology and some of Jen’s clients have included professional athletes as well as organizations that include Nike, Procter & Gamble, Lockheed Martin, The US Department of Defense, The NIH and the USDA.

Tuesdays Starting February 13th – April 9th

12-1:30 pm ET/ 9-10:30am PT

What You'll Learn: Week by Week

In this initial week, you’ll get to:

  • – Develop relationships with the community
  • – Self-reflect with our proprietary B.R.A.V.E. Human Leadership Mini Index
  • – Learn how to create safe spaces and rules of engagement as a leader

Week 2 we’ll dive into:

  • – Training vs Trust mindset
  • – Trust Breakdowns
  • – The Quadrant of Motivation
  • – Gaining a deeper knowledge of who you are

In the third week we’ll start in the first tenant of B.R.A.V.E. through:

  • – Setting up spaces of Belonging
  • – Belief Windows
  • – Inclusive Language

Week 4 we’ll dive into:

  • – Failure Storytelling
  • – Thinking Pathways
  • – Rewriting your story
  • – Confidence Resume

In week 5 we’ll be breaking into Authenticity through:

  • – Shaping your professional summary
  • – Linking your non-negotiables to your Vision, Mission, and Purpose
  • – Developing your personal mantra
  • – Focusing on storytelling

Between week 5 and 6 we leave an extra week space for to ensure you have time to complete the Authenticity homework.

Week 6 we’ll dive into:

  • – The desire for social approval
  • – Self-Confidence, Self-Concept, and Self-Esteem
  • – Relational Vulnerability
  • – Connective Communication

In the week of Empathy we’ll walk through:

  • – Building a practice of Empathy
  • – Storytelling and Listening for Connection
  • – Conversational Intelligence
  • – Intentional Empathy Practice

In our wrap up week, we will:

  • – Develop your future B.R.A.V.E. skills growth 
  • – Break down areas of being “stuck”
  • – Set up accountability practices in your commitment

Your Investment Includes


Here's What People Are Saying

Jen Croneberger and Eileen Grimes created and led an inspirational and aspirational program aimed at bringing about behavioral change through increased awareness, attention, and intention. As we moved through the core elements – belonging, resilience, authenticity, vulnerability, and empathy, we examined and evaluated the stories we tell ourselves about success and failure. Among the many meaningful exercises we did, one that I will use with my clients and my future self is writing and rewriting our story of failure. Through this exercise, I saw the many gifts our “failures” bring to our lives, our work, and our humanity. It was a great experience and I highly recommend working with Jen and Eileen and taking this course.

Dena Lefkowitz

Career Coach for Lawyers

From the B.R.A.V.E. Human Leadership course content and discussions with Jen and Eileen, I learned valuable insights into the psychology of why and how people behave the way they do; and how as a leader, I can enhance a team's performance by creating a safe and nurturing working environment where each team member can show up and be themselves. My communication skills in how I interact with people at a secular and personal level have improved by utilizing the tools learned in the course.   

Colleen MacDonald

Transformation Consultant