These Five Words Are Mine Autographed Copy 

By Jennifer Lynne Croneberger

Here's What People Are Saying

So much of Jen’s writing brought back memories of my own childhood… my own interactions with people, that I felt like I was a part of the book as I read it.

Ed White

Freelance Writer, Editor

Some excerpts reminded me of the stupidity of walls…life is more beautiful without them. Our souls, hearts, and minds see what we allow them.

Laura Gurenlian Davidson

Supporter & Reader

A must read for anyone who wants to deepen their awareness and journey into areas they have not yet realized about themselves. I had goosebumps after reading this.

Renee Morgan MSW

LCSW Relationship Therapist

Far from an ordinary book. It is a friend. If read with an open heart, not only do we realize we are not alone, but we will never look at ourselves and those around us the same.

Daniel Matos

Spoken Word Artist

There comes a time when one is ready to learn…and there is no better way than through story; This is one such story. I have read this 4 times….and I simply love it.

Tom Hurley

Author, Coach

Jen is one of the most effectively inspirational speakers and writers I’ve ever come across. Her words reach into your soul like a knife cutting through butter, and you connect immediately. Uplifting, and thought provoking, you’ll never feel the same or look at the world in the same light after reading this book.

M. Melissa Blough

Reader & Enthusiast